Batting Academy

The Batting Academy will develop the technical, tactical and mental side of the game in a well planned and structured programme. From basic grip and bat path, which tend to be part of any technical issues, to balance, alignment, and transfer of momentum to rhythm, speed and accuracy of foot movement. Attacking and defending on the front and back foot, playing spin and swing bowling will all be covered in the 32 hours of the course.

Summer 2021
Batting Clinics
See below details of our Summer Batting Clinics.

The Batting Academies will run again in the off season Dec 2021 to April 2022. 

Click on the link  below for details of the Batting Clinics

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Gavin Haynes

116 St Johns Avenue



DY11 6AX


Tel: 01562 636212

Mobile: 07770 570804

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